Thoughts #NationalPoetryMonth #Day15

I have this, thoughts.

Of what I am and what I’d be

Of what I’ve seen and what I’ll see

Of what I’ve felt and what I would feel.

Room filled with silence silenced

By the mute ringing of craving sea

Wanting to kiss the shore of yours

They say, don’t build a house by the see

If you don’t plan on getting washed away

But hey, you don’t know that for sure, do you?

I’ll root for the calmness and the inner peace,

And the rise and set of sun braving the sky

Who am I to be scared of uncertainty

This next few seconds aren’t even certain

I stand out here, in the rain of fear

Shield by hope and purest wants

Come here come close I will not bite

Wanna stare the stars shining bright up high?

There’s an empty seat right next to mine.

#NationalPoetryMonth #Day15


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