Posted in January 2017

New Chapter!

All praises to Allah, The Most High and The Best of Planner! I am now based in Kuala Lumpur as an independent working young lady. I am still processing this reality actually. Turning 24 this year, I am ready to be a working adult! Bismillah! Let’s to this! *Cue Eye Of The Tiger song!* Yes, … Continue reading

Finally! I Edit my Iceland Trip Vlog!

Alhamdulillah, I don’t know what happened to me, I finally start editing my Iceland trip’s vlogs. (Read : I’m getting terribly¬†travel-sick) I have about 7-8 hours worth of footages that have been in my hard disk for a while and I thought, might as well start editing it. This year’s vlog/videos would probably be mainly … Continue reading

It Calms Me Down

It really does.  Am writing this piece in between bball practice, it’s 2321 and I’ll click post in 15 mins, practice a bit more and go home.  Right  Today, it’s just me on the court and no one else (except for a group of guys in the picture, that’s their lepak place, they’re here every … Continue reading

Oh 2017

Dear 2017, hello, I hope you’re fine. Yes, we have never met before, but I’ve longed for you for a while now. Even though you’re just a cluster of dates that define a particular time in this timeline that I’m in, I am thrilled to be meeting you. Last year, your friend, 2016, remember her? … Continue reading