Posted in January 2015

I know this day will come

An anecdote that I feel like sharing. “So, what are your thoughts regarding the film?” our Histories and Theories of Documentary’s lecturer asked us the question during the seminar session after the screening. “It’s amazing! I love the film.” one of my classmates shared his thought regarding the film. And a few more thoughts were shared … Continue reading

Let The New Term, Begin!

Alhamdulillah, I am now starting my 2nd term here in USW. Term 1 has been really awesome. I’ve learned thing and did stuff that I’d never done before. Will definitely put energy here, in this blog from now on. Will keep you guys posted. ❤ Ezzah Mahmud

RAP : Nanti Besar Nak Jadi Apa?

RAP : Nanti Besar Nak Jadi Apa?

Nanti besar nak jadi apa? Nanti besar nak jadi siapa? Jadi orang beruang bangau buah kana? Kau yang tentu nak bagaimana. Aku dari dulu tak pernahnya tahu, Budak lima tahu baru reti baca buku yang pasti, yang sebenar jiwa tak ragu, tak mau jadi doktor ataupun cikgu tak mau jadi saintis ataupun polis Aku nak … Continue reading