Going International By Being Local – The Raid 2: Berandal

I wrote this article with lots of love, and I absolutely love it. Credit to Mr Fikri Jermadi for this opportunity.

Thoughts on Films


I’ve been anticipating this film after watching the credits roll for ‘The Raid: Redemption’, the first film. I was visually and psychologically moved by the brutality of the film, as well as the charming gaze of Iko Uwais, an Indonesian heartthrob who took the lead role in the film.

In ‘The Raid 2’, the plot continues, giving us the story that happened after Rama (Iko Uwais) got out from the building filled with gangsters in ‘The Raid’. After that incident, Rama went to meet a police insider recommended by his brother. He then told Rama that what he faced earlier were just some anchovies in the sea. What they need to do now is hunt the sharks, the big boss, the ‘Abang Long’ of all this messed up and corrupted world they’re living in.

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