Joseph Campbell Would Have Been Proud – Merantau

I feel like I’m back in campus again after rereading this. #TeamFikriJermadi

Thoughts on Films

I did a fairly stupid thing recently. Well, stupid by the definition of others, perhaps, but to my mind, it was worth the gamble I threw the dice for. When I was in Jakarta some weeks ago, it came to my attention that there is a film festival called the Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival. Interestingly, the shorthand for the festival is INAFFF. It took me some time to wonder how the name fit into that.

Anyways, the surprise for me was the closing film of the festival being ‘The Raid’. Lauded at a number of international film festivals worldwide, ‘The Raid’ is an action film that will soon be released internationally, a mighty fine achievement for a film from Indonesia. However, though I am attracted by the trailer, I am also keen on the film because of the film’s director-actor combination. Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais were responsible…

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