Gain in Pain

Assalammu’alaikum and hello dear brothers and sister!

Lately, I’m highly influence by spoken word and expressive poetry. Hope all of you enjoy it. Drop a comment ya! Highly appreciate it. This is my first attempt in writing English poem. Apologies for the error.

Should start somewhere though! =D

Free to Live

When you think you are alone
and keep sink in your moan

When you think He don’t know
and would want just to ignore

When you tired of hatred
and how bad they’ve mad at

You, me, us , we
Them, they, all there

Some people just cant stop hating
blasting, crashing, shooting and killing

of the people that were
assumed as bad guy
look at as bad sign
yet they just had time
to love and to live
to smile and cry

My tears may steam down
but they are still in pain
my heart may beat and pound
yet  their blood burst in their vein

This is reality, but it should not be that way
this is insanity, but we still quite without say

Napalm like rain
grenade like shooting stars
phosphorus like sunlight
and food are like gems

Oh Allah The Almighty
how I wish I am there
don’t wanna be selfish
will stand up and beware

They are the chosen one
to martyr and to fly
to die for Your sake
is what I always eye

Oh Allah Al Aziz
The Most Strong The Most High
keep them strong and never sigh
promised paradise at the sky up high

remember, two forty six in the holy Quran
Who are certain that
they are going to meet
their Lord and that to Him
they are going to return

Dear brothers
please stay, fight, win, smile
and sisters,
please stand, pray, live free.


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